Super J's Adventure
    Cover Subline

    - Super J Features: 👇
    🌟Ability to Fly  ( JetPack )
    - Amazing Graphic Designs
    - Special Super J Power Ups
    🌟Over 100 Challenging Levels
    - Facebook Share Button
    - Fearless Crazy Aliens
    🌟10 Boss Fights
    - Jump and Run Adventure 
    - Throw and Hit Adventure 
    🌟 Free to play

    😲Warning😲 Every Level Ends With a Final Boss Fight. Do You Have What it Takes to Beat Them All and Save his World?

    How to Play: 👇
    Easy Old School Control Buttons Help Super J to Run, Jump up, Throw and Hit Stuff. Collect Coins, Gold, and Special Super J Power Ups(Jet pack,Ice Ball,exc.)to Help Super J Defeat All of the Aliens and to Save his World!

    Super J's Adventure is a Old School Platform Type Game. Super J is the Most Up to Date and Challenging Space Adventure Game that You Will Love to Play for Hours!

    Super J Can Run🏃‍♂️and Jump🤾‍♂️Through the World to Avoid all the Traps and Destroying all the Aliens👽 on His Super Space Adventure. Explore all the Amazing Levels of his World to Have a Super J Adventure.

    Start Your Super J Adventure Today! Take your time and Jump and Run Your Way Through the World and Enjoy Super J and His Space Adventure.


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